Naotoshi Osaka

Naotoshi Osaka was born in Nagano prefecture, Japan in 1953. He is a composer and communication researcher. He received M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Waseda University. His main research interests include telephone transmission performance and speech dialogue. He is presently studying timbre control both for sounds and speech. He is presently leading a soundrepresentation and computer music research group at NTT Basic Research Laboratories in Atsugi, Kanagawa. He studied composition with Sesshu Kai and Daishiro Takusari. His work includes traditional style pieces for chamber ensembles and piano solo. Since 1990 he has focused on composing computer music. He joined in ICMC'94 at Waseda, Tokyo. A chamber work with live electronics, titled ``Prosody++'' was well accepted at Japan Today (MUSIANA'95) Louisiana museum, Denmark, IN 1995. Besides composition, he has also organized computer music conerts several times and make chances for new composers to join in the new computer music field. First created: March 14, 1998.
Last update: May 7, 1998.
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